A Message From Jim

My Fellow Culver City residents:

In April 2012, we made history together. For the first time, Culver City voters elected four candidates to the City Council, and, with your support, I was fortunate to win the opportunity to serve our City. I was elected to fill an unexpired term, so after only two years, I am up for re-election this coming April. I am again asking for your help, your support, and most importantly, your vote.

In the 2012 campaign, my theme was “Listening to your concerns, responding to your needs.” For the April 2014 campaign, my theme is “Following Through.” Over the last two years, I have tried to be a visible presence in and civic cheerleader for our community. In a newspaper story marking my first year in office, former Mayor Andy Weissman described me as “Mr. Everywhere.” I take that as a high compliment. But more importantly, my involvement provides me with the chance to talk with you and learn more about what makes Culver City such a special place to live and work. And that makes me a better Council member.

But besides showing up at events, I have also been responsive to your requests for assistance. These range from meeting with an entire neighborhood upset over the noise from the Expo train to visiting individual homeowners needing a tree trimmed or a street light repaired. My role has been to listen and then ensure that your concerns are addressed. You may have been one of those residents who contacted me by email, by phone or in person. I hope I was able to help resolve your issue.

As a council member, I serve with four other dedicated individuals who also look out for your well-being and that of our city. Along with our knowledgeable and hard-working city staff, we make up a great team. The saying goes, “There is no I in team.” Together, we have accomplished much over the last two years. When the city faced financial shortfalls because of the dissolution of our redevelopment agency, we were able to pass a ½-cent sales tax increase to support vital public services with the second highest approval vote of any tax measure in the state. Furthering our sustainability goals, we passed a ban on plastic bags. To support public health concerns, we were one of the first cities to call on Gov. Jerry Brown to ban fracking. Because of our great location, the lower cost of housing and commercial rents and access to Expo, we have attracted and retained major businesses to sustain our economic vitality during the economic recession. We opened our first affordable housing units in decades with more on the way and entitled some 800,000 square feet of mixed-use developments. We have also begun to address the long-standing problem of parking and the incursion into the neighborhoods that new development brings. And we continue to wage an aggressive fight with the State to retain ownership of our former redevelopment projects. Those are just some of the highlights. It has been a busy but noteworthy two years.

In late 2016, we will begin a yearlong celebration of Culver City’s Centennial, culminating on September 20, 2017. This July, I had the opportunity to reprise the speech Harry Culver gave in which he outlined his vision for the creation of Culver City. That vision was one of a great place for families to live and work, with thriving neighborhoods, high-quality schools and city services, and cutting-edge businesses that create good paying jobs. That is still a worthy vision, and I am proud to play a role in its fulfillment.

Thanks again for your support in 2012 and your kind words and encouragement these past two years. I hope I have earned your continued support and vote in April 2014.

Best wishes,


Jim B. Clarke
Council Member
City of Culver City

P.S. I would love to have your active support for my campaign. Please click here to volunteer and visit this page to donate to my re-election effort! With your help and support, we can celebrate victory again this April!